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Astro Word of the Day

- Saturday February 6, 2016 -


We have a party in Capricorn, now that the Moon is there joining the other three planets in that sign too. With Jupiter also in Virgo, we have a day to get things in order. I’m planning my food for the Super Bowl and have friends arriving for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Today is my preparation day.

The Morning Sky 

Boy oh boy! The planets were so amazingly beautiful this morning. You can see the Earth Shine on the Moon in the morning as easily as you can see it in the evening sky. Venus, Mercury and the Moon formed a very sweet triangle in the eastern predawn sky this morning. Yes, I got up again at 6 a. m. to see them and it was so worth crawling out of bed. Check them out tomorrow before the Moon disappears into the glow of the Sun, only to pop into the western sky as the New Moon in a few days. Planetary viewing doesn’t get much better than this, folks!