Bio for Astrologer Susie Cox

Susie Cox has been a professional astrologer since 1971, during which time she has interpreted over 49,000 individual charts. From 1981 to 2013 she was employed as an astrologer at the prestigious Canyon Ranch Health Spa. Susie began their Metaphysical Department in 1996 and was appointed Master Astrologer in 2006.





  • Her clients include A-List celebrities, business leaders, royalty, self-help gurus, Royalty and politicians from around the world.
  • She is a celebrated author of countless articles and astrology columns as well as an avid blogger.
  • Susie has written five books, two of which were sold in 57 countries. The International Directory of Astrologers (IDA Directory 1992 and 1995), Susie’s Secrets (2007), and Susie’s Sun Signs (Sterling Publishers 2011) and Susie’s Love Signs (Kindle Amazon 2013).
  • Susie writes a monthly astrology column, “What’s Your Sign?” for well-known designer Tory Burch.
  • Susie is a professor at Kepler College and teaches chart interpretation to the 3rd-semester students. She is regarded as one of the world experts on chart interpretation.

Susie is a prolific writer and is the author of numerous astrological columns, articles and books. In 1977 she co-owned a metaphysical bookstore named The White Light Book Shop and Metaphysical Learning Center. In 1979, she became co-owner of The Aquarian Angels, a media company that published the wildly popular Aquarian Almanac, an astrology newspaper.

In 1992 Susie created the non-profit organization, FISA, the Foundation for the International Study of Astrology. The same year she published the first edition of The International Directory of Astrologers, which sold in 57 countries. Susie now has extensive media experience in radio, TV and video production, having produced over 100 videos. She has studied astronomy and media arts extensively at the University of Arizona, specializing in video production.

  • For 2 1/2 years, Susie had a monthly astrology show on ABC’s The Morning Blend.
  • Susie writes a monthly Astrology newsletter.
  • Susie has a strong social media presence  and posts regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

“I knew when I was 5 years old that I was going to be an astrologer and a dancer when I grew up. From that moment on, I began studying these crafts. Fast forward to now, and I became the Master Astrologer at Canyon Ranch, have interpreted over 47,000 charts and teach chart interpretation at Kepler College. The dancer in me comes out while performing at astrology conferences, teaching experiential astrology workshops and yes, dancing with fire. I live in my home in Tucson, Arizona, but travel extensively, speak three languages and consider myself a citizen of the world. Simply put, I’m a quintessential Gemini and have been obsessed with astrology since the age of five. And I still am!”~Susie Cox

Susie Cox is a well-known leader in the international astrological community and a member in good standing in the ISAR, International Society of Astrological Research, AFAN, Astrological Federation of Astrological Networking and was a founder of TAG, the Tucson Astrologers Guild.

  • Susie has been featured in the New York Times, People Magazine, Forbes and Washington Post. She has also been featured in shows for ABCA&E, National Geographic and the History Channel.
  • Susie is listed in Marqui’s Who’s Who in the World, James R. Lewis’ Encyclopedia of Astrology and Syndey Omarr’s The Astrology Hall of Fame.
  • Susie is an accomplished speaker and is regularly invited to lecture at national and international astrology conferences. She also presents workshops in the USA and Europe.

Although she travels extensively, Susie was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, where she now lives. Susie’s boundless energy and enthusiasm as well as her positive outlook on life bring hope, joy and inspiration to her clients.

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