An Astrological Tribute to Nelson Mandela

bigstock-Nelson-Mandela-22213631Whenever a beloved icon, like Nelson Mandela, leaves this world, I like to honor him by looking at his chart. He has, of course, an amazing chart that is very worthy of honoring. I’ve included both his birth chart and his death chart with this article. Please refer to them as I do the analysis.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 at 2:54 pm in Umtata, South Africa, which means his Sun is in the sign of Cancer. The most important parts of every birth chart are the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. The Sun is the core purpose in life; the Moon is emotions and the Rising Sign is the outside persona, or public personality of the individual. Mandela has his Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio with a Sagittarius Rising Sign.

With Mandela’s Sun in Cancer, it means that his purpose in life is to nurture, since that sign represents the mother or father archetype. I’ve named Cancer the “caregiver” of the Zodiac, and it sure came to pass with him. People born under that sign, care about their family, their community, and in his case, the world community as a whole. His Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the strategist. Scorpio is very passionate and quite resourceful and just doesn’t give up. They have a mission and a deep purpose in life. His Rising Sign is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign of humanitarianism.

Astrology is all about reading the geometric patterns in the solar system when a person was born. My color code is that the red lines represent life challenges and the blue lines represent talents and destiny. One thing I notice in Mandela’s chart is the grouping of planets on the right side of his chart, the side of others, showing his interest in helping the world. But first, let’s take a look at his life challenges.

Mandela only has a couple of red lines, meaning his mission is very focused this lifetime. One of his red lines is from his Scorpio Moon to Mercury and Saturn in Leo. He has three planets in Leo, the sign of the leader. But combined with his Cancer Sun,  that would make him a gentle leader. Mercury is the mind and Saturn is discipline, so one of his missions is to passionately change the way people communicate with each other. In fact, his other red line goes to Venus in Gemini, which shows his eloquent style of communication.

An important thing that stands out of his chart is his North Node in Sagittarius by the rising arrow on the left, with the longer horizontal red line pointing to it. The Nodes (headset-looking symbols) describe his main theme and destiny. The fates pointed directly to Nelson Mandela for him to pull together the international community to open better communications. I’d say he did his life purpose with that theme.

To get to know his talents and destiny, we look at all his blue lines. Mandela’s Sun in Cancer has a blue line to his Moon in Scorpio. The strategic Moon in Scorpio gives him a problem-solving talent, that combined with his Sun in Cancer, will help people. Another blue line connects his love of humanity with his Leo planets, which is the perfect combination for an international leader. But maybe the most exciting part of his birth chart is the joining of Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer. Pluto is politics and people in positions of power. Jupiter is philanthropy and an interest in humanity. Since they are both in the sign of protective Cancer, he was the perfect person to take the world under his wings. But it gets even better, to empower both Pluto and Jupiter, the rebel Uranus has two blue lines pointing there too. That means he’s a world leader who want to promote radical change.

Every birth chart has a theme and the last planet I want to mention, perfectly explains his theme. Mandela has Mars in Libra up at the top of his chart. That is the signature of the diplomat, which really is the overall energy of his chart. To summarize his birth chart, Mandela’s life purpose was to create a bridge of communication between people, so that humanity could feel more unified. Yes, he accomplished his purpose.

But just because he’s not physically on this earth any more, that doesn’t mean his influence on the world ended, as you will see from his death chart. His birth chart is in the center and around the outer circle are the planets at his death. This shows what is happening in his life now and how that affects the rest of the world. Jupiter joining his Cancer Sun gives a timing of notoriety or fame. Venus was opposing them, showing the outpouring of love and adoration from the world. Saturn is joining his Scorpio Moon, which is a time of hibernation or pulling back. Uranus opposed his Mars, which helps release the old. Neptune has a blue line to his Leo leadership planets, bringing compassion to the world.

But the main planetary transit showing that his energy is still working to help the world, is Mars at the top of his chart just getting ready to join his diplomatic Mars in Libra. Almost 100 world leaders were at his funeral to honor this powerful spokesman. The photo of President Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro, was a lasting image of cooperation, that probably would have never happened otherwise. Even lying in state, the powerful and gentle Nelson Mandela was still doing his life work. Our job is to continue his mission to further bring the world together. If he could do it, I have faith that we can too.





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