Aquarius Full Moon on August 20, 2013

Moon Red Rocks Desert Butte LandscapeIt is the Full Moon in Aquarius tonight. Word of the day . . . Freedom. Aquarius is the rebel and loves to try new experiences. Be bold and adventurous and you will be in the flow of the Universe. Get a little wild.





The Sun is in Leo with the Full Moon opposite it in the sign of Aquarius. Since Aquarius is the rebel, today and tomorrow are great times to drop your inhibitions and be your authentic self. Aquarius is the sign of the genius, so if you are feeling inspired to create something amazing, now is the time. Mercury, the planet of intelligence, is right next to the Sun now, which brings a heightened mental energy to add to the mix.


This is an exciting Full Moon for several reasons. It’s kind of a Blue Moon in a certain way. A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a month. This Full Moon is the second one in Aquarius, with the last one being in Aquarius too. So it’s a Blue Moon in the sign. The other interesting thing is that Mercury is conjunct the Sun while Neptune is conjunct the Moon. So there is a mystical, spiritual or creative side of this Full Moon too. Jupiter is also exactly square to Uranus now too, so add some excitement. Venus is also squaring Pluto and will be opposing Uranus soon. Love excitement, maybe?

Aquarius Full Moon778

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