Astrological Preview of 2014

bigstock-Santa-Sleigh-Closer-to-the-Big-51591982The New Year of 2014 is almost upon us, so here is a preview of the important astrological events that will occur during the year. I’ve designed it as a reference, so you might want to print it to keep for the year.





These are the editing phases, which are the times to regroup

Venus             December 22nd, 2013 – January 31st, 2014

Mercury          February 6th – February 28th, June 7th – June 30th, October 4th – October 25th.



Times of change, especially when they connect to your individual chart

April 15th         Total eclipse of the Moon

April 29th         Annular eclipse of the Sun

October 8th      Total eclipse of the Moon

October 15th    Partial eclipse of the Sun


Major Meteor Showers

January 4th                   Quadrantids     25 meteors per hour

August 12th and 13th     Perseids           40 meteors per hour

October 8th                   Draconids        25 meteors per hour

December 13th             Geminids         85 meteors per hour


Visible Planets


Mercury                         February 22 – April 18, June 29 – August 1, May 4 – June 10,  October                                                 23  –  November 22

Venus                           January 17 – September 17

Mars                            January 1 – April 8

Jupiter                          January 1 – January 5, Aug 8 – Dec 31

Saturn                          January 1 – May 10, December 6 – Dec 31


Mercury                        January 13 – February 9, May 4 – June 10, August 18 – October 11,                                                        December 25 – December 31

Venus                          January 1 – January 5, December 5 – December 31

Mars                            April 8 – December 31

Jupiter                          January 5 – July 11

Saturn                          May 10 – November 1


Planetary Alignments

January 31st                                   Jupiter opposes Pluto. Expansion.

February 26th and April 20th            Jupiter squares Uranus. Dramatic New Changes.

April 21st and December 15th              Uranus squares Pluto. This transit will free us from limitations.

May 24th                                       Jupiter trines Saturn. Compassion and caring for humanity.

September 25th                                       Jupiter trines Uranus. Ease with beginning anew.


Chinese Year of the Wood Horse

  • The Chinese New Year starts on January 30th and has the Wood Horse as the animal for 2014.
  • Horse personality – High-spirited, friendly, lively, whimsical, impulsive, self-confident with a fast tempo.
  • Wood element brings logic and a sense of calm that is not normal for the excitable horse.
  • Year of adventure, action, excitement, romance and spontaneous decisions.
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