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What is an Astro*Carto*Graphy Map?

Astro is astrology and Cartography is the study of maps and Astro*Carto*Graphy combines them together. Your Map shows where your planets were traveling over the Earth when you were born. Just like the birth chart, every Map is unique to each person. No two people have the same Map. Where was the Sun rising or […]


Astrology During Gemini

The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th at 1:31 p.m., Mountain Time. Gemini is an air sign and is associated with the mental planet, Mercury. Gemini is the student/teacher of the Zodiac and is the master of communication. This sign is strong in areas of media, writing, teaching, brainstorming new ideas and […]


What is a Birth Chart?

The first thing to learn when you get interested in astrology is your personal astrology chart or your birth chart. Your astrology chart is a picture of where the planets were in the sky, relative to your birth location, at your exact time of birth. When you were born, if someone could go outside and […]


What’s Up for Your Sign During Taurus?

Taurus Happy Birthday, sweet Taurus. Mars is finally leaving your sign, where it’s been since March 9th. Mars helped you got a lot done and now you can relax a bit more. Bring in some luxury for your birthday. You deserve it!  Gemini The dynamic planet Mars will be going through Gemini from April 21st […]


Astrology During Taurus

The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 19th at 2:28 p.m., Mountain Time. Taurus is an earth sign and is associated with the feminine planet, Venus. Taurus connects with the abundant side of Venus, which explains the easy success that this sign seems to accomplish without much effort. Luxury, art and beauty lie […]

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Astrology During Aries

The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20th at 3:30 a.m., Mountain Time. Aries is a the first of the three fire signs of the Zodiac and is the most dynamic of all. I call Aries the Initiator, because this sign likes to start things. It makes sense because zero degrees Aries always […]


What’s Up for Your Sign During Pisces?

Pisces Happy Birthday, creative Pisces! This is your month to make your dreams come true. If you start with something easy then you can focus on your bigger desires after that. The planets in Pisces now will bring a magical two weeks. Think big! Aries There is a sweet grouping of planets in Aries now, […]