Astrology Chart for April 30, 2014

April 30984

Even though the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross is over, the big red square is still with us. Word of the day . . . Resistance. Saturn is lining up with several planets right now, which will give us a desire to work and get things done.


We just had a New Moon in Taurus on Monday, which was also a Solar Eclipse. Two weeks ago we had a total Lunar Eclipse and now we’re done until our next eclipse season in six months. In addition to the eclipses, we also have a Cardinal Grand Cross that is still with us. Notice the red square in the chart of the day between four planets. We are in a turning point in history right now and everyone is feeling it. Make any changes you can to your life, your environment and your habits now and you will be in the flow of the Universe.


Yes, the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross is over. The exact line up was April 22nd when all the planets in the square were at 13 degrees. Pluto was 13 Capricorn, Uranus 13 Aries, Jupiter 13 Cancer and Mars 13 Libra. Jupiter and Uranus are moving forward, but Pluto and Mars are in retrograde motion. Mars will turn direct at 9 degrees Libra and will trigger off the 13 degree sensitive point again by direct motion. But by the time Mars gets back to that 13 degree trigger point, Jupiter will have moved past and will be out of orb, which will signal the end of the Cardinal Cross of 2014. So we’re almost over it. Whew. Glad that one is almost over!


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