Astrology Chart for June 23, 2014

Globe6-14Mercury is retrograding and has moved back into Gemini for a while. Word of the day . . . Decisions. Not only is a retrograde a good time to organize your paperwork, but it’s also a great time to organize your thoughts. Make a decision that you have been struggling with lately. You’ll feel much better!



The start of the week is a good time to put this Mercury retrograde in Gemini to good work. Plan for your week, do correspondence and call everyone you miss. Since both Mercury and Gemini relate to the mind, it’s easy to get mentally over stimulated with this planetary grouping. Try to stay busy and not go in circles in your life, or in your mind. Tomorrow the Moon enters Gemini too, so there will be even more mental planets lining up. What can you get done easily in a couple of days? Start a quick project and that will make you happy!


In addition to Mercury retrograding in Gemini, which isn’t the easiest of positions, Mars is back to trigger off that Pluto, Uranus square. So we have half of that Cardinal Cross happening now. Tomorrow Mars will exactly oppose Uranus to bring up some unusual excitement. Be open to try new things, especially with the Gemini Moon tomorrow joining the retrograding Mercury in Gemini. That all sounds very energizing to me. Focus on something new and you will be glad you did.


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