Astrology chart for June 5, 2014

fire triangleThe planets are forming a perfect triangle in the sky today in earth signs. Word of the day…Fixing what’s broken. Are you putting something together that has been a problem lately? Then you are in the flow of the Universe. What else needs fixing? Do it!


There is a theme right now of remedying problems. My car got a little crunch, as it was innocently parked, and is in the shop now getting fixed and a new paint job. My sister had surgery on her foot to fix a bone thing. So we seem to be in a phase of fixing things. It makes sense when you see the picture of planets now. Looking at the geometry today…several of the planets are forming positive, blue lines with the dominant ones forming a perfect triangle, or Grand Trine. Each of the planets in the triangle are in earth signs, so it’s called an Earth Grand Trine. The element of earth is always more calm, deliberate and focused than all the other elements put together. So make a long To-Do list for today and you’ll be amazed at how many will get done, and easily.


Yes we have a sweet Grand Trine between Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Taurus and the Moon in Virgo. Of course the Moon is so fast, that the Grand Trine will only last today, but it will be a good one while it’s there! We also have a few other blue lines too. Our trines now are: Saturn/Jupiter, Mars/Sun, Mercury/Neptune and Mercury/North Node. The only red lines, other than the quick opposition from the Moon to Neptune, is the last of the T-Square from Mars to Pluto and Uranus. Jupiter is just about to go out of orb and will be gone from the Cardinal Cross, ending it forever. The over all picture is the left-over residue of the Cardinal Cross that is getting fixed now. Huge change is inevitable, so we need to promote change and not resist it. Our lives will never be the same after the Cardinal Cross.

June 5th 017


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