Astrology for Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

drottningholm-palace-729470_1280The much anticipated royal baby watch is finally over! Prince George Alexander Louis was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm in London. Does he have a chart worthy of the future King of England? Absolutely!

Since I’ve published articles about the astrology charts of Will and Kate, I was very curious about their new little King. Both his parents have their Moon in the sign of Cancer, so I knew their heir would be connected with that sign. Kate didn’t go into labor until the day the Sun was entering Leo, so it was close. Hey, the sign of Leo would be suited for a future King, but I was hoping for Cancer. But yes, Prince George was born with his Sun in the very last degree of Cancer. He has a Cancer Sun, his Moon in Capricorn and a Scorpio rising. In addition, he was born on the Full Moon, but not a normal one, but a Super Moon!

What is the main feature of this royal chart? The amazing water Grand Trine that we’ve had blessing us this entire summer. Water represents compassion and the perfect triangle means harmony to the world. Neptune is one of the planets involved, which is the planet of healing and unconditional caring. Saturn is one of the other planets in the triangle, which is the planet of responsibility, to ensure the compassion will be accomplished. To kick it off is the party of planets in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the Sun are all in Cancer now, forming the complete perfect triangle. To make it even more special, the party of planets in Cancer are all in the house of other people’s money. Well, this is one very wealthy little boy. Prince George will have a strong feeling of love for the world with this perfect triangle in his astrology chart. The other thing that stands out in his chart is the very prominent Venus at the top of his chart. He has his Venus in Virgo, the sign of service. There is so much love in this chart, and we will see it as we all as we watch him grow up into a true King.

But there are some strong red lines in his royal chart, too. Red lines represent our challenges in live, and yes, the little Prince didn’t get away without his own homework. The infamous square between Pluto and Uranus is strong because the party in Cancer connects with them. Pluto is the planet associated with people in positions of power and Uranus is the revolutionary. That combination of planets is bringing a time of drastic change to humanity now. So this little King will be part of the transformation of humanity.

I couldn’t stop with just his chart, but had to look at the astrology charts of his parents and see their compatibility. This is where the magic enters. Prince George’s grandmother, Princess Diana, had her Sun in Cancer. His father, Prince William is a double Cancer, with both is Sun and Moon in that sign. His mother, Kate, has her Moon in Cancer and her Sun in Capricorn. Cancer is family and Capricorn is business and the British Royal family is a business, of sorts. There will be lots of love in this sweet new generation of Royals, that is for certain. But there will be some excitement in the mix too, because the radical square of Pluto and Uranus also connects with the charts of his parents. Will and Kate were born only six months apart from each other in 1982 and have their Mars in almost exactly the same place. What do you know, the radical Uranus in Prince George’s chart is in an opposition to both of his parents’ Mars. Sparks will fly in the future between the will of Prince George and that of his parents.  I know I’m going to be watching this play out over many years to come. We are all witnessing a new style of Royalty emerging now in the world, and I’m thrilled to be observing it.

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Prince George Astrology  by Susie Cox

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