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Astrology Birth Chart and Transits The astrology birth chart is the first chart for you to have done before proceeding to the other techniques. The birth chart defines your purpose in life and is the basic chart to start the exploration of your astrological world. The birth chart shows your life challenges, as well as your greatest talents. You will easily see your road map for this life. The transits part of your astrological chart shows the specific timing with which the events in your life will occur. Timing is everything for successful outcomes.

Astrology Love Compatibility Charts Once you understand your own chart, most people are then interested in others. If you have just met a possible romantic partner, compatibility charts will show how your chart will connect with the other person, quickly. No need for taking three months to realize he’s a creep. Astrologer, Susie Cox, can tell you right away. The chart shows their character and patterns in relationships. Or, if you are deciding on a new doctor or lawyer, chose them using the astrological compatibility. In addition, many mothers have the compatibility charts done for their children, so they can understand their little ones and see how they, as mothers, are connecting with them.

Business Astrology Consulting Services Progressive business owners are usually more successful that their stuck colleagues. Kings have had their court astrologer for thousands of years. Why? Because it gave them an edge over their enemies, or in business, their competitors. In doing your business astrology charts, Susie can compare everyone’s chart in the business for astrological compatibility. In addition, she can work with the astrology chart of the business to find the most auspicious timing for business decisions. You don’t have to be a King to use Susie Cox, but she’ll make you feel like you’re a King, or Queen.

“Millionaires don’t use astrology . . . Billionaires do!” – J.P. Morgan

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps Knowing your power spots in the world gives you incredible control and choice in your life. Some always go to the beach for their holiday and others escape to the mountains. Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps show you where all the planets were rising or setting in the world at the moment of your birth. They are called your planetary lines – like being on your Sun line or your Mars line. You go to your Venus line for love and to your Jupiter line for money. Using your Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps, you will always be in the right place at the right time!


Astrological Birth Charts for Children and Newborns Mothers want the very best for their precious children, but how do they achieve that? When you, as a loving mother, know your child’s astrology birth chart, it will make you a better mother, guaranteed. An astrology chart can be done for a newborn, as well as for older children too. Have astrologer, Susie Cox, do their astrology charts so you can really get to know your little ones. The astrology chart will show the purpose of your children’s lives, their challenges as well as their talents. If you know your little Leo is a natural performer, letting him take early guitar lessons might just prove to enhance his career when he is grown.

Sabian Symbols For a simple way of explaining the Sabian Symbols; visualize you’ve been invited to the best costume party in the world with all the costumes imaginable. You are to pick out 10 costumes, all being individuals, that as a group represent your lifestyle and quirky habits. Now you have a group of characters who explain your chart in a totally new way. All these unusual images are destined to cooperate with each other in creating a unique combination of characters that can only be you. Your Sun could be a “A Mermaid,” or it could be, “The First Mockingbird of Spring.” You will feel more connected with your true self when you know your Sabian Symbols.

Astrology Classes Do you love astrology so much that you can’t quite get enough? You’ve had all the different astrology charts done by Susie and you’re still hungry. Maybe you’re ready to take an astrology class. Susie offers classes on chart interpretation with the intention for you to become a professional astrologer. Instead, some might want to study astrology so you can just do the charts of your friends and family. Either way, Susie customizes the classes to meet the needs of each student. The classes are taught online with Skype, so your location doesn’t matter. Susie’s easy, foolproof technique is the same one she teaches her astrology students at Kepler College.

Astrology Lectures After 32 years of giving lectures regularly at Canyon Ranch, Susie is very secure in her public speaking. She has been a speaker at International astrology conferences since 1986. Her Gemini style is animated, humorous, yet full of information. She has the ability to make complex subjects easy, as in combining astrology and astronomy, so everyone can understand. Susie has given lectures at clubs, public libraries as well as for children in schools, up to the University level. Susie is as equally comfortable speaking to professional astrologers, as she is speaking to the total newbie in astrology.

Astrology Workshops If you like to learn as you’re having fun, take a workshop from Susie and see how fast you understand astrology. Her workshops range from playing Astrodrama in costumes to giving equations to astrologers for astronomy and Celestial Mechanics. Her Venus Goddess workshop is a popular trend now. Having given workshops all over the world, Susie has a passion for sharing her knowledge of astrology with others.

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