Astrology Workshops

Susie Cox offers Astrology Workshops around the world

Do you enjoy learning and having fun as the same time? Creative astrologer Susie Cox combines education with enjoyment in all of her astrology workshops.

Susie’s Sun Signs

Knowledge of the twelve sun signs is the basis of the astrology chart. The sun signs are the personalities in the birth chart, where a typical Aries acts differently than a typical Libra. In her book, Susie’s Sun Signs, she describes the differences between each sign in fashion, music, pets, exercise styles and even love. Susie will go through all twelve signs, Aries through Pisces, and you’ll get to know each one in-depth in a positive and creative way.

Susie’s Love Signs

Once you know your sign, the next thing you’re interested in is the sign of your loved one. In her book, Susie’s Love Signs, she explained how all the signs get along with each other using Astrology . . . Or not. She gave “The Best and the Worst” of how all the Astrology signs get along. This workshop will look at all the  compatibilities in: Personalities, In the Bedroom and Cohabitation.

Venus Goddess 

Your sun sign represents your inner core and basic personality traits. Your Venus sign represents your feminine side or the goddess within. But the style of goddess within you is dependent upon the sign that Venus was in when you were born. Knowing your Venus sign empowers your creativity, your relationships with others, as well as the relationship with your personal inner goddess.


In an Astrodrama workshop, astrologer Susie Cox will help bring your astrology birth chart to life, while facilitating people to become each of your planets. What would Jupiter say if he could talk to you? He would tell you how amazing and successful you are destined to be when you work with him. Your Venus would tell you how beautiful or handsome you are. You will see your chart differently after watching your chart come to life with Astrodrama.

How to Interpret an Astrology Chart

After having worked as a consulting astrology for 32 years at the prestigious Canyon Ranch Health Spa, and interpreting over 49,000 astrology birth charts, Susie is an expert at explaining an astrology chart to a total novice. Her keyword approach is almost foolproof and can be used by the beginning astrologer as well as by the seasoned pro. Susie teaches chart interpretation at Kepler College, and this is the exact technique she teaches the third-semester students, who are earning a four-year college degree in astrology. When you complete this workshop on interpretation, you will be able to look at your charts in a new way and will feel much more confident in your interpretation skills as an astrologer.

Experiential Astronomy and Astrology

In this workshop, Susie will teach the astronomy that is involved with astrological movements. People will become the planets and walk through their orbits around the Sun, heliocentrically. The astronomical phenomena Susie will explain will be: the Sun/Earth interaction showing the seasons and the cardinal cross, and the Sun/Earth/Moon connection showing the lunar cycle and the Moon’s Nodes and eclipses. She will also portray the inner retrograde versus the outer retrograde motion. Susie will easily show all those hard-to-visualize astronomical motions in such a visual way, that anyone can understand.

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