Burning Man 2013

1237242_553985927982088_1554400330_o[1]Over the Labor Day week, seventy-one thousand wild and wonderful artists gathered in the inhospitable salt flats in Black Rock City, Nevada. Lights rivaling Las Vegas, digital drones and neon art cars with flames shooting out of their heads, were everywhere. I truly feel transformed and am already planning for next year! In fact, my week was so amazing, that I’m writing an entire article about my experience for my Libra Newsletter. The astrology was quite incredible too for the week. We left for the long drive with the Moon in Gemini. Once we settled in and connected with everyone there, the Moon entered the family sign of Cancer. Then the Moon entered Leo for our fire performances and the burning of the Man. To top off the week, the Moon moved into Virgo for our drive home and cleaning out our RV. I’d say the astrology was perfect for the entire journey!

Today the Moon is in Scorpio and will be in between Venus and Saturn tonight in the western sky right after sunset. We’ve had monsoons here in Tucson, so the sky has been full of clouds. Hopefully they will clear so I can see the triple conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Saturn tonight. Love and passion are in the air.


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