Daily astrology chart for April 5, 2014

Jupiter4-2014The Moon joins bright Jupiter this weekend. Word of the day . . . Celebration. Both the Moon and Jupiter are in the sign of Cancer, which is all about family and community. Spring is in the air, so go out and enjoy yourself this weekend. Make sure you look up in the sky at night and see the Moon and Jupiter. Watch them both nights and see how far the Moon moves in one day. But the most important thing to do is to . . . Celebrate!



This is the perfect weekend to get to know the sky a little better. The Moon will be your guide and watch it for the next few days. Tonight it will be approaching bright Jupiter and they will join exactly on Sunday. After that the Moon will continue to get larger each night, getting ready to be a Full Moon. This is The weekend for family events, celebrations in the park, or just puttering around your house. Do you want to clean out that room and make space for your art supplies? This is the weekend. If you have a green thumb, this is a great time to plant some flowers., which is my plan for Sunday. Celebrate life.


What a perfect week for planetary viewing! We have the Moon approaching the conjunction with Jupiter, which will occur Sunday. One of my all time favorite things to do is to watch the Moon transit past the visible planets at night, each month! In ancient times, this was their TV and entertainment. The Moon and Jupiter in Cancer loves to make a beautiful home and share it with people. Now that we can see Mars in the evening sky, we can watch the Moon transit towards their conjunction, which occurs on April 14th. That is quite incredible, because the Eclipse of the Moon is on April 14th and 15th! So we will see a red Moon very close to a bright red Mars. None of this even mentions the Cardinal Grand Cross that peaks at 13 degrees on April 22nd. We have quite a month ahead of us, astrologically.


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