Daily astrology chart for August 12, 2013

CompletionI hope everyone took the time to see the amazingly beautiful pairing of bright Venus and the New Moon. Word of the day . . . Completions. The Moon has moved from Venus to join Saturn today and tomorrow. Saturn is about wrapping things up and feeling good about it.




Watching the beautiful New Moon as it slowly, but surely gets larger in the sky, is the monthly lunar cycle that we are all so lucky to see in the sky. The New Moon is the monthly lunar beginnings of events. The Full Moon is the peak and the dark of the Moon is the end of the lunar cycle. So we are now in the beginning of the lunar month. The Moon will be entering the sign of Scorpio this afternoon and will be there for the next couple of days. Those will be great days to focus on finances, organizing files and doing business in general.


Jupiter has passed by the opposition to Pluto and is now nearing the square to Uranus. But Jupiter is also trining the North Node as it moves forward, strengthening the water Grand Trine before it leaves. When Jupiter does move forward, it will end that sweet water Grand Trine we’ve had all summer. We still have another couple of weeks to enjoy it before it disappears. Mercury will be forming an exact square to the lunar nodes in the next couple of days. We are indeed in exciting times!

August 12 763

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