Daily astrology chart for August 13, 2013

MoneyThe Moon is right next to Saturn tonight. Word of the day . . . Money. They are both in Scorpio, the sign of finances. Today and tomorrow are days to negotiate your money matters. Think abundance.





The Moon is bringing to life that sweet water Grand Trine we still have in the sky. The Moon is joining Saturn, which you can see in the evening sky tonight. Find the Moon, along the ecliptic, and right below it and to the right will be Saturn. That planet is a bit dim and yellow, but you can find it easily. Remember, stars twinkle and planets shine, so you will see a steady light from Saturn and all the other visible planets. Saturn likes to be accomplished and get things done, especially projects that have been on hold for a while. Just finish them! Today and tomorrow are the best days to be done, and you will feel free!


There is a triple conjunction between the Moon, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio. They are all forming that wonderful water Grand Trine with Neptune and Jupiter. We need to enjoy it while it lasts. We also have a couple of individual trines occurring now. Pluto is trining the South Node and Mercury is trining Uranus. Both of those aspects are great for easily letting go of situations that you want to attend to. Mercury is also forming a T-Square to the Nodal axis and the Moon now. That will give even more energy to resolve things for us all.

Aug 13

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