Daily astrology chart for August 14, 2013

hands expecting somethingI hope everyone saw the Moon move past Saturn the last couple of days. Word of the day . . . Anticipation. The Moon is now in the exciting sign of Sagittarius now and for the next couple of days. Yes, we have two Grand Trines now! How lucky we are!





Oh yes, the water Grand Trine is still with us for another week. The energy is high to help us get things accomplished, with a feeling of ease. Sagittarius always brings an ability to look at the  big picture. See if you can plan for the weekend or for an upcoming holiday. With all the triangles we have now, there is an energy of joy and excitement. Do something that makes you laugh. Have fun!


Even though it’s just the Moon forming a quick Grand Trine, it’s still there for today. So we have two Grand Trines again. I’m loving all this positive geometry that we’ve had most of the summer. We have about another week of the water Grand Trine until Jupiter moves past the orbs to both Saturn and Neptune. Jupiter will be squaring Uranus next week, so that will bring some wild excitement before Jupiter moves on.

Aug 15

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