Daily astrology chart for August 5, 2013

goldfish jumping out of the waterAlas, today is the very last day of the double Grand Trine. Word of the day . . . Inspiration. Even though one of the triangles is going away, we can use the powerful geometry to create new opportunities for ourselves and the world.




We still have a party in the sign of Cancer now, if you look at the chart of the day in the fourth house. The Moon will move into Leo about 10 am this morning, Pacific time. Leo is perfect for Monday morning to look at our coming week and feel excited about our prospects. Also, tomorrow is the New Moon in Leo, which is always a great time to start new projects, or to have a new attitude towards your current situations. Leo loves creativity, activity and performing. If you can, go out and see theater or a live concert. Be bold!


Tomorrow, Venus moves forward and goes out of orb with Pluto and breaks the earth Grand Trine we’ve had for last week. But we have the other Grand Trine with us until August 22nd when Jupiter goes out of orb to Neptune. This is a magical Grand Trine and is a perfect time to use its powerful energy to create what we want to change in our lives. Jupiter is also coming into the T-Square to Pluto and Uranus and will be exact from August 8th through August 25th.

Aug 5751

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