Daily astrology chart for August 6, 2014

ball-288470_640We have positive geometry in the sky today. Check out the chart! Word of the day . . . Silly Joy. There is a Grand Trine in fire, so we will have lots of energy to do fun things today. 


You can tell the energy of the day from the geometry in the sky. The more blue lines, the better. Today we have a perfect triangle in fire signs, which brings a lot of excitement. Try to do something unusual, fun, thrilling and different today! It almost feels like a little child who is having fun on vacation, so see if you can get that sense of thrill and child-like wonder. Maybe go the the park and play on a large swing, like you did when you were a kid. Be a little silly and you will be in the flow of the Universe!


We have a lovely fire Grand Trine today. I don’t care if it’s a short-lived trine because of the Moon. It’s still a fun one. Mercury is joining the Sun in Leo with Jupiter next to them. That’s a party all by themselves. The Sun and Mercury will be forming a trine to Uranus for the next few days, so this uplifting feeling will be with us for a while. The fast Moon is only there today, of course. Mars is also trine to Neptune now too, bringing deep creativity to us all now. To bring it to a higher level, Jupiter is also squaring Mars. That is a juicy transit if we use it right. Do your dreams that have been in your heart for a while. Mercury and the Sun are also squaring Saturn, to give us a bit of balance so we won’t get too wild. Darn.



August 6083

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