Daily astrology chart for August 7, 2013

StartSince it’s the New Moon in Leo now, be sure to start checking the western horizon just after sunset for the new little sliver of a Moon. Word of the day . . . Action. There is a lot of energy now to resolve situations you have been waiting for a good time to finish. Today is the day.




The New Moon is Leo is always a great time to move forward with your dreams and desires. There is a line up of planets now that will help us wrap up a variety of things that have been bothering us. Focus today and they will magically disappear. You have to be bold, but there is boldness in the air now, so I know you can do it. While we still have the beautiful Grand Trine, the positive energy is still with us until almost the end of August.


The big transit today is Jupiter oppose Pluto at 9 degrees Cancer and Capricorn. They are both square to Pluto¬†with Mars just leaving the conjunction with Jupiter. Both Mars and Jupiter are still forming the third point of that wonderful water Grand Trine we’ve had most of the summer. Venus has moved forward and is out of orb to Pluto now, so we only have one Grand Trine now. Darn, I was used to seeing 2 Grand Trines.

Aug 7

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