Daily astrology chart for August 8, 2013

Venus MoonYes, this picture is what the New Moon and Venus will look like tonight. Word of the day . . . Beauty. Go out right after sunset and see this magnificent pair of planets in the western sky. The next couple of night will have the show as well.





This is my favorite time of the lunar month, especially when Venus is the evening star and we can see both Venus and the Moon easily after sunset. I call them diamonds in the sky. They are both in the organized sign of Virgo, so see what you can put things in their place today. Make everything more beautiful and you will be in the flow of the universe. I’m packing for Burning Man, so last night I put everything in the right boxes and started to make sense of all these costumes everywhere. In addition, we still have that sweet double Grand Trine that looks like a six pointed star. Doesn’t get much better than this, folks.


Jupiter is still in exact opposition to the planet of power, Pluto. Jupiter won’t square Uranus until August 21st, so we have this juicy T-Square for a while yet. If we see Jupiter as an expansive factor in this T-Square, we can move past obstacles and start fresh, especially since it’s in that sweet water Grand Trine. Also, Mercury is coming into a square with Saturn soon, so we can also use that to focus our intentions. These are powerful times if we use the transits right.

Aug 8


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