Daily astrology chart for August 9, 2013

luna 32[1]I hope everyone saw the beautiful little sliver of a New Moon last night! Word of the day . . . Focus. But don’t feel bad if you missed it, because the Moon and Venus will be even closer tonight. Right after sunset, tonight!





The New Moon and Venus are joined in a very close pair tonight. Sweet diamonds in the sky. I saw them last night at about 8pm, so make sure you see them tonight. It’s the most beautiful pairing in the sky! They are both in the detailed sign of Virgo, so today is the day to organize, focus and get as much done as you can. Write your Virgo to-do list and check the items off as you get them done, one by one.



With the New Moon joining Venus in Virgo, we can get so much done today if we focus our thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, Mercury has just entered Leo, to give us more mental strength. Also, with Saturn approaching the North Node, both in Scorpio, that is also a good combo to help us define what we want to do. The water Grand Trine will be with us until August 22, so we still have time to use it before it goes away, forever.  I’m going to miss that sweet water trine, that’s for sure.

Aug 9


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