Daily astrology chart for February 26, 2014

Predawn Sliver MoonThe planets are lining up in an early morning show for us now. Word of the day . . . Focus of Emotions. The Moon is right between Venus and Mercury today, giving us a time of reflection on our inner feelings. With the Moon in independent Aquarius, you might feel a bit distant, so don’t feel bad if you’re not interested in group activities. Maybe go to a matinee movie by yourself.



If you’re an early riser, you’re in for a treat now. Look to the eastern, predawn horizon and you will see a sweet line up of planets. Mercury is closest to the horizon and is more faint than the other planets, so is harder to spot. But when you do find Mercury, you have a feeling of discovery that is so exciting. Next to Mercury is the sliver Moon, to help you spot illusive Mercury. Above them both is bright Venus, who will dominate the eastern sky, along with the Moon. I call them diamonds in the sky and you will see why when you find them. Why did I have word of the day as Focus of Emotions? The Moon represents our emotional being and when it’s moving past Venus and Mercury, there is a combination of their energies. Mercury is the mind and Venus is about sensitivity. So if we use this grouping in a positive way, we can define a powerful focus for our intentions and dreams.


The major configuration now is the T-Square between Pluto and Uranus, being triggered off by Jupiter in Cancer. With Jupiter retrograding and stationing at 10 degrees, it is exactly square to Uranus in Aries and will be in a close orb until early May. The other T-Square is Venus square Mars and the Nodal Axis. When the nodes are involved, it makes for Karmic situations, especially in relationships. Having the North Node in Libra joining Mars, the same theme of relationships is shown. Of course, the big event over the spring will be Mars retrograding and stationing at 9 degrees Libra, which forms a very tight, intense Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter late April¬† all the way through June. This is such an important Cardinal Grand Cross, that I’m going to be writing an article about it for my next newsletter. So stay tuned.


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