Daily astrology chart for July 15, 2013

Dual StarSometimes it’s hard to find Saturn in the sky, since he’s not the brightest planet to see. But tonight it will be easy, because the Moon is very close to Saturn. Go out right after sunset and spot the Moon and it will be easy to see Saturn.





The Moon is in sweet Libra today. With all the planets we have in the sign of Cancer now, it’s a perfect time to appreciate friends and family. Because of the wonderful blue Grand Trine we have in the sky this entire summer, we have a fabulous opportunity to join others with an open heart. Personally, we all have a chance to go inside and reflect on our lives and how we can expand ourselves into new areas. There is an unusual level of creativity available to us now, with this fabulous, slow-moving triangle. This is the time to start a project that will last all summer and be done early September. Word of the day…Expansion.



We have not only that wonderful water Grand Trine, but a Grand Cross formed by the Moon this morning too. I think that a balance between the hard and soft aspects is really the best. The vision is there with the Grand Trine and the focus is there to accomplish it with the Grand Cross. Red lines create accomplishments and blue lines open our creativity. When the balance is obvious, like it is today, magic is in the air. Also, Mars is getting close to Jupiter this week and will form a conjunction this next weekend at 5 and 6 degrees in the sign of Cancer. Since both Neptune and Saturn are at 4 degrees, Mars and Jupiter are triggering them off with style. What an exciting time!


July 15715




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