Daily astrology chart for July 17, 2013

clear water in the swimming poolThe Moon is in Scorpio today to add to the watery Grand Trine. Emotions are running wild today, so don’t feel bad if you are in a sensitive mood, it’s in the air for everyone. There are seven planets in water signs now. Can’t get much more wet than that. Word of the day…Emotions.




Even though the Grand Trine looks pretty today, it’s full of emotional sensitivity. We can’t have seven planets in water without feeling deep emotions. Reach out to your family and close friends for comfort. Give people hugs today. It will feel good for them and for you too. Try doing something creative to use all this water in a positive style. Maybe take a nap this afternoon, if you can squeeze it in.


Ok, including the North Node in Scorpio, we have eight points in water today. That only leaves three planets in other elements. This is pretty unusual and I’m sure you are feeling it, as I am too. Of course, Jupiter and Mars are coming into the opposition to Pluto and the square to Uranus soon. That will add some extra emotions to the mix, as well. See if you can find a swimming pool and take a dip.


July 17721

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