Daily astrology chart for July 18, 2013

connectionsBe sure to see Mars and Jupiter now in the eastern predawn sky. Mars might be a bit hard to see, but they are very close together . . . only one degree away from each other! They are both in the sign of Cancer, so family situations are strong right now. Reach out and hug your loved ones. Word of the day . . . Connections.



With so many planets in the family sign of Cancer now, emotions about family is running high now. We can likely expect to be contacted from people we haven’t seen in a while. I’m seeing a lot of people doing “karma clearing” now. It seems to be the time to work out old sticky situations and let them go. The word of the day yesterday was “Emotions”. I’m not sure about your day, but mine was definitely emotional. Luckily the energy is always moving, so today isn’t as charged as the last few days were. Connect with your personal community for support and love.


The water Grand Trine will be with us until the end of August, so we have another full month to benefit from this positive geometric pattern. But the T-Square with both Mars and Jupiter triggering off Pluto and Uranus is also strong. Luckily, it’s not as long-lasting as the Grand Trine, but it will give a punch to the Grand Trine while it’s there. Emotions will be running high for the entire summer for us all. Venus is Leo is squaring the Moon in Scorpio today for an extra emotional kick. Saturn trine Neptune might offer us some emotional grounding at this time, hopefully. Hey, I love Grand Trines!


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