Daily astrology chart for July 19, 2013

Full MoonWord of the day . . . Community. We are sliding up to another Super Moon this coming Monday. The Moon will be just a little bit bigger and brighter, because it’s a bit closer to the Earth. Also, if you have a clear eastern predawn horizon, check out Mars and Jupiter.




This is a great weekend to spend some time outside in the next few evenings. The Moon is almost full and is still a Super Moon, so it will be bright and beautiful! Also, since there are so many planets in the family sign of Cancer, try to spend time with your family, friends or your close community. I’m going to a concert tonight with some good friends and will be dancing up a storm. I’m sure I’ll see old friends there too! I’ll be giving some big bear hugs to old friends, I’m sure. Actually, it’s a reunion of the rockin’ band, the Paladins, so there will be lots of reconnecting from many years back. See if you can form your own reunion of sorts and you will feel a strong sense of community. The Word of the day is community and it will be a powerful feeling of support, which will be precious.


The water Grand Trine is exact now with Mars and Jupiter both being a the same degree as Saturn and Neptune. They’re all at 4 and 5 degrees of water signs now. The feeling of family and community is so strongly in the air now that I can feel it everywhere. Reach out and you will feel it too. It’s so interesting that during this amazing Grand Trine, Mars and Jupiter is also forming a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus. So the planets are very connected to each other now in a very powerful way. This should be a very strong Super Moon on Monday with all this incredible geometry happening now! Maximize the positive energy that is available now because this won’t last too long.

July 19

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