Daily astrology chart for July 29, 2013

fire triangleYes, we have a beautiful double Grand Trine in the sky today. Word of the day . . . Creation. It’s like a six-pointed star formed by all the planets now. Although it’s short-lived, it’s lovely while it lasts.


Reading the geometry between the planets is the basis of astrology. The red lines describe challenges and the blue lines show talents and harmony. We have an abundance of both colors today. The long-term water Grand Trine is still with us until August 21st, but the other earth Grand Trine is only with us today, because the more fast-moving earth Grand Trine will be with us until August 5th.  Water can represent creativity and the earth brings a focus, so you can actually got a lot accomplished this next week. Try painting that room you’ve been wanting to change, or go through your closet and reorganize it so you will feel the beauty again. This is rare, folks, so really make use of it while this positive energy is here.


This is the Grand Sextile everyone is talking about now. Well, I admit that they are using very wide orbs to make sextiles all the way around, but it’s as close as we’re going to get. I like a 1 – 2 degree orb for minor aspects. But this is an extraordinary configuration, that’s for sure. Both Mars and Jupiter have moved past the exact trine to Saturn and Neptune, but are in opposition to Pluto and squaring Uranus now for a little kicker. Use this amazing configuration to focus on your dreams and they can be actualized easily now. Think Big!


July 29 744

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