Daily astrology chart for July 30, 2013

Triangles 1Yes, we still have that rare and amazing six-pointed star shape in the sky now. Word of the day . . . Harmony.  The astrology doesn’t get much better than this, folks. Please make use of it! The joy of dreams are in the air now!


This is what I call Perfect Geometry. We have two, count them, two Grand Trines at one time. That doesn’t happen often and is a wonderful thing. We also have two T-Squares in the sky now too. Red lines create motion and forward movement. All these fabulous blue lines give the dreams that the red lines want to actualize. I’m seeing this image all over the internet now as people celebrate this sacred geometry. The second perfect triangle will only last this week, so see if you can do a project that will only take one week to complete. The longer-lasting triangle will last until the middle of August, so we still have this positive energy for a while yet.


Mars and Jupiter are making six trines to both Neptune and Saturn now, so we have major blue highways happening now. This is the enthusiasm of Mars and Jupiter thinking big and wanting to work with Saturn to get your big ideas accomplished. Of course, Neptune give us the dreams that we are wanting to put into concrete form with the help of Saturn. Also, Venus is trining Pluto exactly today and both forming a Grand Trine to the Sough Node. Could that be easily wrapping up odds and ends that you’ve been wanting to finish for a while? Absolutely! With the Sun trining Uranus for the next few days, things can happen, and fast!

July 30


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