Daily astrology chart for July 31, 2013

PyramidWe still have that fabulous Grand Sextile that everyone is talking about! Word of the day . . . Opportunity. A sextile is an angle of 6o degrees between planets and act like a slightly week blue line of harmony.  This is a powerful time in humanity, and it’s happening now!




Make sure to check out the chart for the day and look at the magnificent geometry. The planets are forming an amazing six-pointed star for this week only. My word of the day of opportunity is an understatement. There is a flow of abundance and spiritual power right now that is quite incredible. It is like a benevolent light that is warming us all at the same time. Feel the warmth of the universe that is blessing us right now. This entire week is the time to allow our biggest dreams to manifest. We are all like star bodies of light and we’re all connecting the heaven to the earth. This week it seems that it’s easier to connect than other times. Are we entering a new paradigm? I believe we are.


There is a lot of information coming out about this rare Grand Sextile that is happening this week. It truly is a grand time now for us to dream big and expect our lives to change accordingly. Of course the Jupiter, Mars and Mercury triple conjunction is the dominant group of planets. They are the ones that are triggering off the water Grand Trine to Saturn and Neptune. The other Grand Trine is in earth between Pluto, Venus and the South Node. Water is creativity and earth is accomplishment, so the combination is very powerful if we focus our desire and just allow our dreams to happen. Dream big!

July 31


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