Daily astrology chart for July 7, 2014

Saturn7-14The Moon has just moved past Mars and will be joining Saturn tonight high in the sky. Word of the day . . . Contemplation. They are both in the inward sign of Scorpio, so spend a little time by yourself reflecting on your life.





This is a good day to spot the planets because the Moon will be right in between reddish Mars and yellowish Saturn. Mars will be easier to spot, but the steady light of Saturn will be easy to see next to all the twinkling stars. The Moon is emotions and Saturn is inward and contemplative, especially in the sign of Scorpio. Reflect, focus and maybe even take a nap this afternoon. You won’t feel very chatty, so don’t put yourself in a big social situation, because you probably won’t stay long.


The Moon/Saturn conjunction is trine to both the Sun and Neptune now. So our inward work can take on a spiritual or artistic style today. But the Sun is also square Uranus, so maybe take several short times to focus instead of spending all day on a project. We might feel restless in addition to the inward feeling of Saturn/Moon in Scorpio. Mars is joining the North Node in Libra as they trine Venus and Mercury in Gemini. That will help balance the quietness of the Scorpio duo.


July 7041

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