Daily Astrology chart for June 25, 2014

Lightning6-14We have an odd mix of planetary lineups now. Word of the day . . . Sudden Change! Even though Mercury is still retrograde, Mars is now opposing the revolutionary planet Uranus, which ushers in new beginnings, and fast! Hold on to your hats, because we’re in for a wild couple of days.






Yes, Mercury is retrograde, which tends to slow things down. But not so now because of the angle between energizing Mars and wild Uranus. Together they put on either a very exciting party or chaos, depending on how we use it. Even though it’s not easy, try to stay focused so you can actually accomplish your goals. Don’t have too much on your agenda today and tomorrow so you can get things done more easily. Do those things you have been putting off for a while and they will magically get done, almost immediately. Oh yes, for those of you prone to temper tantrums, count to ten!


What a wild combination of aspects! Mercury is retrograde and seems to be a strong one, at least from what I have been seeing around me and friends. Venus just entered Gemini and will be there until July 13th. Now we have Venus, the Moon and Mercury all in Gemini. Wild thoughts for us all, not just Gemini. Jupiter is square to the Moon’s Nodes now, all in relationship signs. Jupiter is in the last degrees of Cancer squaring the North Node in Libra and the South Node in Aries. Many people are making emotional decisions now about relationships. But the clincher transit is Mars making the last trigger to the square to Uranus and Pluto. Mars is opposing Uranus, which is why I named the word of the day Sudden Changes. Mars is also squaring Pluto, of course, to form a fast-moving T-Square. Mars is just past the sensitive point of thirteen degrees of the recent Cardinal Cross. Overall, this is a great couple of days to move forward dramatically. If you change as much as you can, as fast as you can, Mars will be very happy.

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