Daily Astrology Chart for May 7, 2014

May 7994As you can see from the chart of the day, the Cardinal Grand Cross is still with us. Word of the day…Moving Forward. Finally everyone feels ready to start fresh after being frustrated for days, or weeks.


Even though the peak of this Grand Cross was on April 22nd, the remnants are still with us. This was such a big one, that I decided to write an article about how it affected everyone. As an astrologer, I get emails and calls from clients that let me take the pulse of humanity. This was a rough one, I have to admit. But finally everyone is starting to move ahead now, after weeks of feeling stagnant. Whew! Also, Mercury just entered Gemini today, which will give us all a perky sense now. Always a good thing after such a long, hard transit. But, hey, we all made it without huge global events, thank goodness.


Yes, the Cardinal Grand Cross is still there, even though the peak when the planets were all at 13 degrees is over. Mars is still retrograding until May 19th and won’t return to 13 degrees Libra again until June 15th, at which time Jupiter will have moved on and will be out of orb for a Grand Cross. Mars will still oppose Uranus and square Pluto, but it won’t have the punch of the Grand Cross anymore. I’ll be writing an article about my reflections on the Cross as well as stories from clients in my Gemini Newsletter. To top off the completion of the Cardinal Cross is a sweet trine from Jupiter to Saturn, which will last from now until June 20th. Jupiter in Cancer is about helping the world and Saturn will make sure that happens. What a great transit to occur after the Grand Cross. I love how astrology works!


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