Daily astrology chart for November 13, 2013

bigstock-Scorpio-or-Scorpion-woman-thi-21784172We still have a dominant Scorpio party in the sky now. Word of the day . . . Hibernation. At least Mercury has turned direct, but will be passing all the other Scorpio planets for the next couple of weeks. So we’re not out of the Scorpio haze quite yet.


With so many planets in the private sign of Scorpio now, almost everyone has been in their little cave and not wanting to venture out into the real world. My good friend pulled her back yesterday and rested with a heating pad and watched movies all day. What a perfect Scorpio day! So don’t feel bad if you have been in a deep and contemplative mood, because that’s what the energy is right now. Try to find a project that you can immerse yourself into and forget everything else.


Yes, the Scorpio party is a strong one, but luckily, both Neptune and Jupiter are both trining all those planets up there in the 8th house. So we have five planets in water signs now that are all trining each other. With Mars in Virgo now, we can use all that focused energy to accomplish our projects more easily. Today the Moon is moving past Uranus in Aries to give all a boost of excitement. Although it is interesting that Venus is conjunct Pluto on the same day that the Moon is conjunct Uranus, as they all square each other. Venus will be conjunct Pluto for the next week or so. Passion is in the air.




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