Daily astrology chart for October 7, 2013

MoneyWe have a party in Scorpio now, with the Moon there today too. Word of the day . . . Money. Be sure to watch the little sliver New Moon close to Venus tonight in the western sky, right after sunset.





If you notice in the chart of the day, we do have a party in Scorpio now. The Moon will only be there today and part of tomorrow to make an even larger group of planets. Scorpio has an amazing ability to focus energy, especially on money and prosperity. The two closest planets today are Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is about communication and Saturn is concentration. With them both being in the focused sign of Scorpio, an incredible amount of work can be accomplished in a short period of time. Make a long to-do list and just watch the items just disappear one by one.


This is a very powerful few days with all these planets in Scorpio now. Venus will leave Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius tomorrow, so try to focus the Scorpio energy before she leaves. Mercury conjuncts Saturn tomorrow to help us write, make decisions and attend to details that need to get wrapped up. With the North Node close, the words will come through easily. Plus, on the retrograde journey of Uranus, it’s getting closer to another exact square to Pluto. Make use of this grouping of planets in Scorpio and do it this week!


October 7811





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