Daily astrology chart for September 13, 2013

LoveVenus is joining Saturn this week to bring a deep sense of unity. Word of the day . . . Love. Venus, of course is the planet of love, and Saturn in the planet of karmic connections. You could easily attract a partner from your past into your life now.





Not only are Venus and Saturn joining in the sky, we can also see them as they meet each other! The Moon has been passing them by the last few days, so they are easy to see now. This will be a beautiful and fairly rare alignment of planets that will be exact on Tuesday September 17th. Watch them getting closer each night and then you will see Venus passing Saturn. Very fun planetary viewing now. If you are in a relationship currently, there is likely some work to re-energize your connection. If you are just beginning a relationship now, Saturn will give you a chance to make it a long-lasting love.


Not only are Venus and Saturn forming a conjunction, they are both joining the North Node as they all become exact at 8 degrees Scorpio. That is why I did the word of the day as Love. That alignment could bring up deep connections with loved ones or your community. The North Node means it’s destined. Plus, they are all being trined by loving Neptune in Pisces. So if the relationship has an artistic or spiritual component, it’s even a better match. This is a great time to find your spiritual partner or group of like-minded friends. Pluto, and the Moon today, are trining the South Node, which will bring an ease of releasing the old, so it can be replaced by the new. Plus, Mercury is forming a T-Square to Pluto and Uranus, for fascinating conversation. Over all, a romantic weekend is in the air.

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