Daily astrology chart for September 16, 3012

img_02Venus and Saturn are joining in the sky now and we can see them do their dance. Word of the day . . . Connection. This is the week to make bonds with your loved ones and closest friends. Be sure to watch these beautiful planets tonight in the western sky right after sunset.




Venus is so easy to see right above the Sun, after sunset in the western sky. Sometimes Venus is the “morning star” and sometimes it’s the “evening star”. Of course Venus is a planet, but that is the common phrase used to describe her. The position of Venus depends on whether she is ahead of or behind the Sun, on her orbit around the Sun. Right now she is behind the Sun and follows after sunset. But tonight right above and to the left of Venus is more dim Saturn, both along the ecliptic. Venus is love, art, music and beauty. Saturn is stability, security, determination and focus. When they are together, it’s a perfect time to manifest your dreams. If you are feeling creative . . . Do it! You will be amazed at your fabulous results. In the love arena, it doesn’t get much better than this to refocus our desires.


The chart of the day is a little complex now, but the main aspect is the triple conjunction between Venus, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio. Of course, I use a zero Aries rising in these daily charts, so it’s even easier to see the signs that the planets are currently transiting through. Venus will only need to move a bit forward and will be exact at 8 degrees Scorpio tomorrow and the following day. Be sure to watch them move past each other in the sky as well as on paper. Both Saturn and the Nodes are called karmic indicators, so we have deep past-life pattern working now in our love lives. What are you feeling now? Pay attention to your inner desires and needs and they will have an easier chance to manifest. Also at 8 degrees are Pluto in Capricorn trining the South Node in Taurus now. With our intense focus, we can easily let go of old patterns that are not appropriate or needed now. This is a powerful week of transformation.


Sept 16792



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