Daily astrology chart for September 20, 2013

Full MoonIs everyone enjoying the beautiful Full Moon? Word of the day . . . seasonal change. Sunday is the Fall Equinox and I can really feel the change in the air. This is the time to end the old and start fresh with a new season.





Each Full Moon is special, but I think it’s even more special when it coincides with a change of season. This one is in Pisces to balance the Sun in Virgo. It is a spiritual time to look at our patterns and see if any need to be changed. Go through your closet and rearrange your clothes for the fall season. Great time for a fall house cleaning, because we don’t need to save the big shift for a spring house cleaning. Now is a time to regroup, like the animals do in preparation for the winter. We also have a strong Venus now, so our relationships are being shaken up a bit. No problem with them, it’s just time. Make changes!


We just had a Pisces Full Moon yesterday and will be having the Fall Equinox on Sunday. So there are some exciting astrological events happening now. Plus, the juicy Venus, Saturn and North Node conjunction is in Scorpio too. Venus is just passing Saturn now, but it’s been quite a powerful triple conjunction. Are you letting go of some old love patterns? Now is the time that they will just want to go away! Venus will be forming a square to Mars in a few days, so that will kick it to a different level. Then Venus will trine Jupiter after that for even more excitement!

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