Daily astrology chart for July 12, 2013

We have a New Moon joining Venus today. Start watching for the little sliver Moon just after sunset in the western sky, close to the horizon. Bright Venus will be very close to the little Moon and will be very easy to spot. This is my favorite cycle to watch and it starts now! The Moon is in the sign of Virgo today and it forming the second Grand Trine in the sky now! The geometry in the sky is extraordinary this summer.


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With a little New Moon starting to get bigger in the sky now, it’s the beginning of a lunar month. This is the time to plant seeds  for new projects and they will grow, just like the Moon. Also, check out the geometry in the chart for the day. At first it seems quite complicated, but if you just focus on the blue lines, you will see a beautiful pattern. There is a perfect blue Grand Trine that will last for the entire summer, which is so exciting. This is one of the very best Grand Trines I’ve seen in a very long time. Today, because of the Moon, we have a second Grand Trine. This one will only be there for today, since the Moon moves so quickly. But it’s still a positive angle, even if it is a quick one. Word of the day…Intention.

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What a chart we have today! We have two Grand Trines as well as two T-Squares. The slow, summer Grand Trine is very strong now with both Jupiter and Mars forming the third point, both trining Saturn and Neptune. That one is so positive and powerful, that’s it’s hard to find anything of conflict in it. The second Grand Trine is only for today with the Moon trining Pluto and the South Node. Even though it’s only a quick trine, the earth part of it will help us be productive today. About the T-Squares, Venus is squaring the lunar nodes, but that one is waning. The other T-Square is focused on Uranus that is squaring Pluto, of course, and Mercury at the bottom. Even though the entire pattern looks complex, there aren’t many days when we have two Grand Trines. So I’m going to celebrate the geometry.

July 12, 2013 Astrology chart by Susie Cox

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