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Learn how to interpret astrology charts from Susie Cox

Are you interested in learning more about astrology than just the basics? If so, Susie Cox can teach you to interpret astrology charts for your own clients. Susie started studying astrology at just five years old and she taught her first astrology class at twenty and has been teaching astrology classes ever since. Susie has a special talent for making this complex subject very easy to understand. She relies upon her keyword method of sentence structure which is a foolproof system of interpretation.

Depending on the individual dedication of the student, most people are easily interpreting charts after an eight-week astrology course. The class will be customized to your particular needs as a new astrologer. Susie’s background in astronomy greatly enhances her understanding of the solar system, which translates to clarity in astrology. She is passionate about sharing this ancient language, so others can help the world with this healing technique called astrology.

Learn the same interpretation technique that
Susie Cox teaches at Kepler College

Not many astrologers have the years of focused experience that Susie Cox has in interpreting astrology charts. Her thirty two years as a consulting astrologer at Canyon Ranch certainly honed her interpretation skills. Throughout her international career she has interpreted over 47,000 astrology charts and is very comfortable with explaining an astrology chart, making it easily understandable for anyone. For those reasons, Kepler College wanted her to teach their third-year students her system of interpretation. They hired her “for her experience and her enthusiasm”. Now that she has taught at Kepler College for four years, you too can benefit from her teaching experience, even if you’re not enrolled in a four-year astrology college, maybe an eight-week astrology course is just right for you and your lifestyle.

For the past four years, Susie Cox has been generously sharing her efficient and effective approach to identifying the central challenges and talents of the natal chart with my Kepler beginning students. Her interactive and concise approach encourages the students to tackle chart integration and let go of cookbook dependence. Her routine of relating the client’s natal chart with the actual sky is the best seven minute astrological consultation opening that I have ever heard. It is a joy to have Susie “play it forward” to my Kepler students as her experience and knowledge are vast, her presentations educationally sound and her enthusiasm for astrology contagious.

Karen McCauley, M.A.
Kepler Education Director

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