How to Navigate the New World of E-Books

kindle-242594_640Now that my book is available on Kindle, I realize how much I learned about E-books, Apps and downloading anything digital to my tablet. I actually have my E-book on my phone, my tablet and my computer. Ok, here’s a confession, I might wear a red dress and jewelry well, but I’m a geek on the inside. Let me explain to you what I’ve learned, so if you want to jump into the 21st Century style of information, this might be the time. I’m going to answer the questions people have asked me about downloading books digitally. Here are the main questions:

I don’t have a Kindle, so how do I download your book?

If you don’t have a Kindle, all you do is download the free Kindle App on whatever device you do own. For example, I’m an Android girl and have a Nexus 10 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy lll for my phone. I went to the Android Play Store, (or go to the Apple Store if you have an IPad), and click on Apps. Type in Kindle and download it for free. Once it’s on your device, then go to Amazon and type in the title of my book and it will pop up.  Here is the link: Susie’s Love Signs on Amazon.

How do I order something on Amazon?

Go to and you can just download my book or you can open an Amazon account. I personally do most of my shopping online and have signed up for Amazon Prime and love it. You have free, 2-day shipping, when you buy something from them.  No, I don’t work for Amazon, but I do like efficiency, which they sure have figured out.

I’d rather read your book on my computer than a tablet. How do I do that?

Once you have downloaded the Kindle app, whenever you open it, no matter what device you use, it will be on there too. I downloaded it on my tablet, but when I looked on my phone, it was also there. So if you want to read it on the larger screen of your computer, it will be there too. The magic of cyber world never ceases to amaze me.

Once I download your book, how do I find it on my tablet?

When you click on the Kindle icon, it will open up your Kindle library with all the books you have bought. Please note that books under the public domain are free and Kindle has many books you can download to your library for free.

I’ve never read an E-book. What are the benefits in comparison to a printed book?

  1. You can carry many books with you at one time, instead of carrying the bulk of a physical book.
  2. The new readers, and there are more than just the Kindle, are very adjustable for your reading pleasure. You can make the type a larger size. You can make the background brighter or dimmer, depending on your location. You can bookmark favorite passages for future reference. You can highlight it, like using a yellow highlighter pen. You can fast forward to anywhere you want by dragging the blue ball at the bottom of the page to a different section of the book. When you click on a section in the Table of Contents, you are there instantly. That is just a short list of the digital possibilities available now in the world of literature.
  3. No one can look over and see what you are reading, so you have much more privacy on a plane or in a coffee shop.
  4. You can listen to music while you read, if that is what you enjoy, like me.
  5. If you get tired, you can switch to your email, YouTube, surf or watch a movie.

I’m old fashioned and want a printed book. Can I buy Susie’s Love Signs in a hard copy?

There are some people who like the feel of a book, luckily. It would be sad to see books disappear totally, but I don’t think that will ever happen. There is a service called, “Books on Demand”, to print your book in addition to having an electronic version. It takes approximately six weeks to go through that process, but when it happens, I’ll let everyone know in posts and in my newsletter.

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