Jupiter and the Moon tonight!

the-moon-190475_150The Moon is joining bright Jupiter in the night sky right now. Word of the day . . . Sensitivity. The Moon is about emotions and Jupiter amplifies everything. They are both in the tender sign of Cancer, so we’ll all feel a lot of emotions today.



Make sure you go out tonight and see the Moon next to Jupiter. You can’t miss either of them, because next to Venus, Jupiter is the brightest planet to view. When they are right next to each other, they’re both brilliant! Since they are both in the sensitive sign of Cancer, we will all feel extra emotions today and tomorrow. A good way to use them is to putter around your house or make some good, yummy food. This combination would be great for comfort food, whatever that means to you. Chicken soup, mashed potatoes or ice cream are comfort food in my mind. Ok, I’ll go out this afternoon and get some frozen yogurt and celebrate the Moon and Jupiter.


The Moon is triggering off the T-Square between Jupiter opposing¬† Pluto and both squaring Uranus. That T-Square will turn into a Grand Cross when Mars retrogrades enough to come into orb of that configuration. So we’ll have a cardinal Grand Cross for much of the spring. This is such an important planetary alignment, that I’m writing an article on it for my Aries Newsletter. This could easily be the turning point we’ve been waiting for to bring in the new awareness of the infamous Uranus square to Pluto. Luckily, the upcoming trine from Saturn to Jupiter will bring some focus to the Grand Cross, so we can use it more effectively. Remember, the planets are our allies and are here to help us, not to challenge us. We just need to know how to work with our allies to succeed in our life the way we want. Now is the time to get what you want.


March 10935


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