Jupiter enters Leo!

merrygoroundThe big guy, Jupiter, is entering Leo July 16th at 3:53 am Tucson Time! After being in the emotional sign of Cancer since June 2013, Jupiter will be happier in the outgoing sign of Leo.

Jupiter has a 12-year orbit, so it stays in a sign for approximately one year. For the last year, Jupiter has been moving through the domestic and relationship sign of Cancer. Yes, it did stir things up on the home scene and is now going to bring to life the Leo scene. Both Jupiter and Leo are great at doing things in a big way, so it should be a match made in heaven. If you notice the incredible Merry-Go-Round I found for the picture, you can see what we can anticipate for this exciting year. Jupiter will be in Leo from July 16, 2014 to August 12, 2015. Keywords for Jupiter are: abundance, expansion, adventure, experimentation, long-distance travel, philosophy, legalization, opulence, philanthropy and success. Let’s add Leo to the equation. Leo keywords include: entertainment, creativity, gambling, children, pleasure, romance, celebration, dating, enthusiasm, glamour and drama. Combining those wonderful words, we have phrases like: Big creativity, entertaining celebrations, enthusiastic experiments and abundant pleasure.

This is definitely the year to think Big . . .  Act even bigger. Be bold, brave and adventurous. Start that dream business you’ve always had in your heart. Travel to Europe or wherever your wish destination may be. Caution or fear isn’t in the vocabulary of either Jupiter nor Leo, so be fearless. Oh boy, where is that Merry-Go-Round? I”m ready to jump on and ride!

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