Jupiter is gone!

Jupiter4-2014I went to the foothills last night to see the New Moon next to Jupiter. Word of the day . . . Direction. Alas, the Sun has caught up with Jupiter and has gobbled up that bright planet in the glow of the Sun.


Yes, Jupiter is out of sight in the evening sky now, only to emerge soon in the  eastern, predawn sky. But this is the perfect week to watch the New Moon getting larger and higher in the sky each night. The Moon moves eastward 12 Р15 degrees each day. This Saturday the Moon will join red Mars high in the evening sky. So this will be a week to be busy and try to focus on a definite direction instead of running around being scattered. Mars next to the Moon is always high energy, which is perfect for the Fourth of July holiday. Have a fun and exciting week and holiday!


Now that Jupiter has set, the only planet to watch in the evening sky is red Mars and dim Saturn. Of course Mars will be moving forward along the ecliptic and will conjunct Saturn on August 25. So we can watch Mars getting closer to Saturn every night. Looking at the chart of the day, Mars has moved past the left-over Cardinal Cross, but the Sun will oppose Pluto and square Uranus in the next week. That transit might help us have fun during this coming holiday. Make sure you don’t have many interactions with authority figures. Play, but within safe boundaries. It’s interesting that the Sun is both opposing Pluto as it also trines Neptune. So even though we might feel intense (Pluto), we will be able to tap into our collective calm too.


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