Leo New Moon for August 5, 2013

Beautiful nightToday is the New Moon in the creative sign of Leo. Word of the day . . . New Beginnings. Plant a seed today of a new dream you have in your heart. It will grow into a big tree of dreams.



The New Moon in Leo only happens once a year and is the perfect time to be bold, brave and dynamic. Leos love to be flattered, so give yourself compliments about how fabulous you are! The planets are still forming that beautiful Grand Trine until the end of August, so the geometry is as positive as it ever gets. With the New Moon to bring things to life, the new projects you are starting now will have a strong base and the probability of incredible success. Leo is the performer, so try to either perform something yourself, or if that isn’t your forte, go out to see live theatre or music. Dress in a bright color, to honor the fire of Leo.


Yes, we have the New Moon today, but we also have Jupiter in opposition to Pluto, exact today. Jupiter will square Uranus soon, too. That T-Square is strong now. Plus, the New Moon and Sun are square to the Nodal Axis now too. So we have two juicy T-Squares happening now. The New Moon and Sun are both trining  dynamic Uranus too. Will that kick off new themes and excitement? I think so. Try to make use of this amazing astrology while it lasts!

Aug 6

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