Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014

LunarEclipse4-2014Tonight is a rare Total Eclipse of the Moon that is a must to see! In Tucson it will begin right after midnight at 12:08 a.m. and will end at 1:23 a.m. This Eclipse is special because it will be right next to bright Mars. Both Mars and the Moon will be red, right overhead at midnight. That is what ritual is all about. Oh yes, I’m having an Eclipse party and I strongly suggest you do too!


Tonight will be a perfect time to wow your guests with your knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy. The Moon can’t be missed, nor can bright red Mars right next to the Moon. Building up to the Eclipse, you can also see bright Jupiter in the western sky. Jupiter will set just as the Eclipse is total. If you do have a party, have people bring a lounge chair, or put a blanket on the grass to lay down. You won’t be able to look up for very long if you’re sitting upright in a regular chair. Make sure you’re comfy, because it lasts a while. Make a wish, do a ritual, say a prayer, visualize your dreams….maybe do all of them, and more.  The Eclipse is a perfect time to let go of what is not necessary and bring in your future..


Now this is a powerful chart! The Cardinal Grand Cross is being triggered off by this rare Eclipse. Ok, we have Mars, almost the brightest and reddest it ever gets, conjunct the totally eclipsed red Moon just after midnight. That sounds like someone wrote it in a metaphysical novel. No, it’s real. Also, the Cardinal Grand Cross is angular almost exactly, in Tucson at least, at the time of the Eclipse. All the planets, except Saturn, are involved in this Eclipse and the Cardinal Cross. All except for the sweet and balancing trine from Neptune and Venus in Pisces to Jupiter in Cancer. If this entire Grand Cross is about bringing change to humanity, the Neptune/Venus conjunction looks to deliver that healing to Jupiter in Cancer, which of course, means humanity. The sky is always, always balanced geometrically. They can’t do it any other way and obey the laws of astrophysics. So Neptune and Venus are the ones to bless this intense Grand Cross. Thank you, Neptune. I think we might need you.

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