Mars is the planet to watch now!

mars-11012_150Last night I saw Mars rise above the eastern horizon . . . it’s so bright red now that you can’t miss it! Word of the day . . . Passion. We’re in for a Mars treat, because that fiery red planet is now opposing the earth, which is the time when it’s the brightest. The orbit of Mars is two years, so April is the best viewing month for another couple of years.




Mars rose in the east last night around 7:30 pm. I looked up high in the sky and saw bright Jupiter. Of course, the New Moon dominated the western sky. So if we watch the sky each night, we will see the Moon join both Jupiter and Mars over the next ten days or so. The Moon joins Jupiter on April 6th and then moves towards Mars. On April 14th and 15th, the Moon will join Mars. If you read my newsletter, you know that there is a total eclipse of the Moon on that day. So we’ll be able to see Mars at it brightest right next to the eclipsed Moon! They will be the exact same degree in the sky for the eclipse, so we’re definitely in for a treat. Watch the Moon as is transverses the sky heading toward those bright planets.


As you know, there is an approaching Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky now between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and soon retrograding Mars. Last night I was on my good friend’s balcony at her house in the foothills, which is my favorite spot to view the planets. After Mars rose in the eastern sky, I looked overhead and saw Jupiter. If Mars is rising and Jupiter is overhead, that means they are square each other. You could so easily see the square in the sky between them! I love not only seeing the aspects between the planets in the printed out chart, but also in the sky! Of course, we can see the other two planets in the Grand Cross, who are Pluto and Uranus. But I could at least see the square between two planets. Be sure to read my article, “The Great Awakening of Spring 2014″, so you can understand this amazingly rare planetary alignment. We’re are in exciting times!



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