New Moon in Cancer

Beautiful nightToday is the New Moon in Cancer, which is the perfect time to reach out to your loved ones. Word of the day . . . Love. The Moon is too close to the Sun to see it tonight, but tomorrow night it will emerge as a tiny little sliver right after sunset. New beginnings!


The New Moon is the monthly cycle of starting anew. Which sign the New Moon is in is the area to start fresh. The sign of Cancer is associated with family, home, food and nurturing. This sign loves to be in the garden and work with plants, especially vegetables. See if you can put a new little plant in the ground during the New Moon. In addition, Cancer is a water sign, so there is an emotional side that is quite sensitive and tender. Emotions run high with this New Moon, so be sure to channel it into what you want to create  instead of just being moody. This weekend is the time to get together with close friends and family. Have a potluck party!


Yes, we have a New Moon in Cancer and it’s very close to triggering off the left over Cardinal Cross. The New Moon is opposing Pluto and will be squaring both Uranus and Mars today and tomorrow. Also, Jupiter is squaring the Lunar Nodes pretty exactly now. In addition, Venus is approaching the square to Neptune soon. When you look at the theme in this chart, emotions around relationships seems to jump out. Luckily we always have trines to balance out the red lines. Neptune is doing a sweet trine to both the Sun and the New Moon now. That will give us wisdom to understand our emotions about our love lives and family. Neptune could bring up images or deep knowing related to your home or loved ones. If you are spiritual, make sure you meditate with this transit. Also, if you’re a musician or artist, the muses will be talking to you fairly loudly. Be sure to listen.

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