New Moon in Gemini

Beautiful nightWelcome to the New Moon in Gemini! Word of the day…New Mental Attitude. Gemini is all about thoughts and communication. See if you can change your thought patterns to focus on what you want to attract.



The New Moon is always a great time to start something fresh. The sign of Gemini loves intellectual pursuits, so it’s a perfect time to start a new class, hobby or at least start reading that book you’ve been wanting to read. It’s summertime, which is a great time to give yourself a break and relax with a book. Gemini is also a good time to go through your emails, correspondence and filing and make sense of it. Mercury will be retrograding in Gemini from June 7th until July 2nd, which will probably be more sorting of your paperwork. Hey, get a head start on it! Watch for the little sliver Moon above the western horizon right after sunset. It will be too close to the Sun tonight, but tomorrow night will give us a treat!


This Gemini New Moon and Sun are also trine to Mars in Libra, to give it a bit more energy. Of course, Neptune is squaring the New Moon too, which will either mellow out Mars or create a bit of confusion. Make an agenda and try to stay with it for the next couple of days. Jupiter is also trine to Saturn now, which brings a sense of completion to many projects. Of course, we have a Mercury retrograde soon. It will start to retrograde in Cancer and then goes back into Gemini again and finish up in Cancer. Maybe in addition to organizing correspondence for Gemini, we might want to look at our kitchens and clean our and orgazing our pots and pans. When was thee last time you did that?


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