New Moon in Leo

Leo New Moon FireworksWelcome to the New Moon in Leo! Word of the day . . . Grand Beginnings!  This is not just a ordinary New Moon, oh no. It’s a very special one because Jupiter is joining both the Sun and Moon to bring extraordinary events!


The Moon joins the Sun in Leo once a year, which is always a treat. A New Moon is the beginning of the lunar month and is the time to start fresh. This New Moon in Leo is quite special since Jupiter is also there with them, making this new beginning much bigger than most. Jupiter will be in Leo for one year, so this is quite a wonderful start to the very expansive year ahead. See if you can go out and see some live music or theater this weekend. Get as dressed up as you can manage to honor the pride of Leo. This is the sign of gold, grandness and confidence. Go out and strut your stuff!


Whenever a slow planet enters a new sign, it goes in with an entourage. There is no way Jupiter could enter Leo alone. It entered with both the Sun and Moon during a New Moon. How perfect for Leo! In addition, Mars just entered Scorpio and is squaring them all, just to add some spice to the mix. We also have a sweet almost Grand Trine between all the planets in water now. Mars will be forming a trine to Neptune as he gets closer to Saturn in Scorpio. But I want to focus on the triple conjunction of Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon! It doesn’t get much bigger that this!


Leo New Moon068

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